Experts – about our sexual preferences, about healthy and painful in them, about the ratio of natural and social.

A few years ago, the State Duma adopted amendments to the law “On the protection of children from information causing their health and development”. They mention “non -traditional sex” and “traditional family values”, but the concept of “traditional” in the law is not disclosed. What are the traditions of our multinational country in mind? How the images of the media affect children and adolescents? And where is the border between propaganda and access to information?

Traditions against gays?

Discussing the experts “traditional sex”, we now and then went astray to the question about homosexuality. In society, amendments to the law were perceived as directed against homosexuals, in the same quality they were condemned by the European Parliament in his resolution. Many have expressed fear that these changes in the legislation will become a reason for further restricting the rights of the LGBT community. In any case, it became clear that the same -sex couples would not be able to adopt children.

But in the law, apparently, the concept of “unconventional sex” does not come down to “homosexuality”. Traditional sex – “What is happening in a marriage between a man and a woman,” says Alexei Komov. So, the one who has sex with different partners (the other sex) is outside the “traditional”, although in history this is by no means a new phenomenon. The series “Sex and the City”, according to Alexei Komov, can also destroy the correct ideas about family life, so it should not be shown to adolescents.

The word “traditional” is more likely to the form of relations, Irina Panyukova believes, offering to use the word “healthy”, that is, “contributing to the preservation, strengthening and development of physical, mental and spiritual health”. After all, quite traditional in form of relations can be unhealthy in content, when they are associated with domestic violence, inhibition, suppression.

But can there be mutual support, care, trust and tenderness in relations between partners of the same sex? In other words, can such a relationship be healthy? We would suggest that this is possible. However, many psychoanalysts believe that the child’s sexual identity arises in relations with heterogeneous parents: he refers to mother and father differently;Thanks to this, he realizes who he is, and chooses the very “traditional” sexual script.

Alexey Komov in this regard notes that kindergartens appeared in Sweden, where children are called the pronoun of the middle kind, and in France instead of “mother” and “father” in the birth certificate will write “parent 1” and “parent 2”. “Under the pretext of protecting the rights of minorities, the rights of the majority are violated,” he assesses the situation.

What is dangerous for the child, a misunderstanding of “who I am”, the lack of guidelines? It leads to internal uncertainty, increases his anxiety, Irina Panyukova answers. And also makes it sensitive to external influences, deprives him of a stable life position, the ability to make a choice in important issues. Ultimately, a person is deprived of the opportunity to live his life: not knowing who he is, he cannot decide what is good for him and what is bad.

We will always be different

Alexei Komov insists: among homosexuals, depression, drug addiction and suicide are much more common, and all this is a consequence of the lifestyle they have chosen.

In response, Andrei Rossokhin notes: a look at homosexuality as a disease with serious consequences returns us to a psychologically unenlightened XIX century. Since those “preframed” times, we have learned to more deeply understand the complexity of the mental and sexual formation of man. The true problem for an adult is not one or another sexual identity, but the inability to achieve its mature stage when a person accepts himself and is able to accept another, no matter how great the differences between them.

“Adults can do everything they like behind closed

doors,” concludes Alexei Komov. – But do not show it to children!”And Andrei Rossokhin in general agrees:“ Alexey is right, speaking about the inadmissibility of propaganda aimed at children. For a small child, adult sexuality should be a area of secret. Because it is precisely curiosity that gives rise to fantasies and thereby develops the inner world of the child “.

“Homosexuality is the result of propaganda”

Alexey Komov

“It is very important what kind of family image is created by the media: after all, up to 17 years, the child experiences about 65,000 hours of mass media! And with his parents he spends 30 times less time*. The film “Gorbataya Gora” about the love of two cowboys is not where the children should take an example.

The statement that homosexuality is innate is not scientifically proven. Studies of single -tide twins (with identical genes) showed that only in 11% of cases the brother of homosexual is also homosexual **. This means that the majority enter into homosexual relations not by natural inclination, but under the influence of propaganda or as a result of seduction of senior.

The state and society should not be engaged in sexual education. This is the task of parents. Let them do this in accordance with their traditions, religious or moral. And they can give this information to children in a dose way when they have questions. The emphasis on the sexuality that exists in the media is not justified at all, since this is not the only and most important aspect of relations between people, and a distortion occurs, it seems to me that it is precisely towards sexuality in isolation from spirituality and responsibility ”.

“The media do not create, but only reflect our reality”

Irina Panyukova

“The system of internal values in the child develops in the family. He evaluates all the information that comes to him from the outside in accordance with the ideas that he developed with the help of his parents. And it will not be possible to convince him to try what he does not consider it useful for himself.

Today, morality has become more individual and variable, while earlier in the assessment of good and bad one could also rely on public morality, which dictated the rules of behavior. Now, for example, a woman may have two partners – one supports her financially, with the other she has fun. Her behavior would previously meet public censure, and today it can be regarded as normal or even desirable. After the invention of contraceptives, which made it possible to avoid conception, women can behave in sex like men, and today for many sex has gained independent value, has become a way to enjoy and relax.

But relations in which have nothing but physical proximity, there are few resources for development. Therefore, those who enter into such relationships tend to often change partners, look for stronger impressions. Cinema, television, other media do not create this reality, they reflect it “.

“The family forms sexual identity”

Andrey Rossokhin

“The adoption of non -traditional, homosexual relations as one of the forms of human relationships is the test of the maturity of our“ I ”and our society. Psychoanalysts believe that the adoption of the difference between sexes and generations is an important indicator of mature sexual identity, but the very path to it is a long process with many conflicts. At any point in this path, an external influence (for example, parents) can both contribute to psychosexual development and influence it destructively, depriving the sexuality of any secret.

But the secrets are equally killed by both the instructions of traditional morality and the open sexual propaganda- regardless of whether the teenager is seduced by hetero- or homosexual images. Where there is no mental secret, there is only one physiology with its momentary discharge.

The main function of parents is to protect the child from excessive biologization of sexual development and help him gain his sexual identity. Let him see that it is important for them to feel bodily, kiss and hug each other – but what is happening in their bedroom should remain a mystery. As he grows up, parents will be ready to hear his questions – but the answers should not make too much clarity and specifics, destroying his imagination. The main thing that adults can do is to help the child accept the fact that sexuality requires growing up and developing, and not rapid satisfaction. “.

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